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Teenagers Summer Chores List

As the Summer holidays are approaching I have decided to create a list of chores for my children.  This is an attempt to get them of their electronics and to make my life a bit easier. Daily Chores Mornings: make your bed wipe bathroom… Continue Reading “Teenagers Summer Chores List”

Easter Preschool Activities

Easter is a great theme to celebrate with children.  I like to provide children with simple activities that will challenge them but will not be too challenging for them.  And most of all they need to be engaging and fun. One of my favourite… Continue Reading “Easter Preschool Activities”

Raising a Teenage Daughter – Things no one told you

When my daughter was born I was so happy.  I already had a boy and was hoping for a girl.  She was so sweet while growing up, very independent and I meant the world to her.  She was very attached to me especially when… Continue Reading “Raising a Teenage Daughter – Things no one told you”

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