Easter Preschool Activities

Easter is a great theme to celebrate with children.  I like to provide children with simple activities that will challenge them but will not be too challenging for them.  And most of all they need to be engaging and fun.

One of my favourite activities is easter egg hunt.  I get my own children to help me with this one since they are too old for it but enjoyed it a lot when they were younger.  We hide eggs all over the back yard for children to find.  We find simple spots and some harder ones too.  I use plastic easter eggs that I had purchased at the dollar store.  I don’t put anything in them, instead at the end when children are done with looking for eggs I give them Easter Stickers or Tattoos or small easter treat bags that might have sml. coloring books, playdough, crayons etc.  I don’t usually include junk food.    This is a great outdoor activity but being that it is Spring Time sometimes weather doesn’t cooperate so we do this activity in our playroom inside.

For Craft Time here are a few ideas:

For Easter Egg coloring I hard boil the eggs first and than I use food coloring and water with 1 tbs of vinegar.  Vinegar I find makes colors more vibrant.

If your child or child in your care is suffersing from egg allregies I love using these eggs IMG_1199

You can find these at dollar store.  They are made out of styrofoam.  Unfortunately you can not color them the same way as you would regular eggs.  Instead we use acrylic paint and they just paint them with paintbrush.

Easter Book Suggestions:

For Cognitive Development one of my favourite games to play is the one I made my self with Pinteres inspiration:


The supplies that you will need are a muffin pan, construction paper and plastic easter eggs.  Cut out circles to fit inside each muffin in the pan.  Glue it down to the bottom.  Children can match the colored eggs to the color of the bottom of the pan.

Happy Reading


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