Teenagers Summer Chores List

As the Summer holidays are approaching I have decided to create a list of chores for my children.  This is an attempt to get them of their electronics and to make my life a bit easier.


Daily Chores


  • make your bed
  • wipe bathroom counter – Emma
  • wipe and swoosh the toilet – Matthew
  • empty dryer and fold and sort laundry and put yours away
  • clean up dishes after breakfast and start dishwasher if needed
  • tide up your room


  • empty dishwasher both if needed
  • clean up your dishes
  • read for 30min – downstairs


  • Empty dishwasher
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Vacuum and wipe the floor – Mondays and Wednesday take turns who does what

Weekly Chores


  • Dog Poop – Emma
  • Clean bird Cage – Matthew


  • zone clean – pick one
  1. closet
  2. desk and shelf
  3. dresser
  4. night stands
  5. under bed
  6. wipe baseboards, door, door and window frames


  • take out trash from your room and bathroom


  • Clean bathroom and vacuum upstairs hallway and wash bathroom floor
  • Dog poop – Matthew
  • Bird Cage – Emma


  • Clean your room fully and vacuum

Other chores may be added as needed.  I printed a copy of this list for both of my kids and myself and I kept it in the pantry for reference.  With this list and camps that they are signed up for it should work good

Hope you found this list helpful and I would love to hear form you how you do your list .

Happy Reading

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