Toddler and Preschool Memory Game Printable

One of my favourite games to play with young children is a Memory Game. Memory games are very easy to play and they are healthy exercise for their brain, they improve concentration, enhance cognitive skills, train visual memory, boost brain function just to mention few benefits.  I have memory games readily available for children to play at all times.  Sometimes we include it in a group play but it is also good one on one.  I make these memory games for almost every theme that I have in my home daycare.  If you can incorporate some of their favourite characters or things they like it makes the game even more fun.  In this blog I am including a free printable file for you to make at home. It includes some of the fun Disney characters that young children love.

disney memmory game 3

For this game I suggest printing it out on a card stock or heavier printing paper.  You can also laminate it for longer use. Cut out the pictures so they are all the same size.  And that is it.  Very simple and fun.  These games are great to take with you for trips or appointments or any type of an outing since they can fit in a small ziplock bag.


Home you enjoy this game with your children


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