Halloween Wreath DIY

My daughter and I just made these Pintrest inspired wreaths.  We each made one because we have double front doors.  The total cost for each wreath was just under $10.00 and all the supplies came from Dollar Tree and Dollarama.  Here is the list of supplies:


  • 2x wire wreaths $1.25 (dollar tree)
  • 2x halloween colour pipe cleaners $1.25 (dollar tree)
  • 1x orange 1x purple 1x green wide ribbon $2.00 each (dollarama)
  • 2x witch hat with feet $4.00 each (dollarama)
  • scissors

The wreaths were very easy to make but they did take a bit of time.  But in my opinion very well worth it.  And on top of it you get to spend some quality time with your kids.  My daughter is almost 14 so any one on one time I can get I will take.  And to have fun tops it all.

Here is how we did it:

Step one –  is to cut a long 1 inch strip from two of the ribbon . I did this the hole length of the ribbon.  You will use this to hang your wreaths of the door.

Step two –  cut up the rest of the ribbons into 4×4 squares.  I used up all the ribbon.

Step three –  cut up your pipe cleaners into three equal parts.  I used both bags of pipe cleaners


Step four – now its time to put the ribbons together with the pipe cleaners.  We used all three colours and tied them together.  Three ribbon squares one of each colour. You don’t have to mix the colours you can do it all the same it is really up to you how you want your wreath to look.


Step five– once all your ribbons are done, now it’s time to attach the witch to the wreath.  I used pipe cleaners to attach it.  You need to secure the top of the hat to where you want the center of your wreath to be and than you need to tie up the legs.  You can tie the legs close together or spread apart.  It is totally up to you.


Step six – now its time to attache the ribbons with the same pipe cleaners that were used to tie them up. You just go around until you are done.


Step seven – tie the long strip of the ribbon to hang up the wreath.  This step is totally optional.  You can hang up the wreath anyway you want to.

And that is it.  Very simple and easy and it looks great.

Good luck and leave me a comment if you end up make it.  Love to hear how you like it.

Happy Reading


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