Holiday Planner Setup With Printables


We all know how busy Holiday seasons can get.  I created my own Planner for the Holidays that I got inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube.  There are so many different setups and price points.  My Planner was almost free since I had the supplies already on hand at home.  I added dividers in it so I don’t just use it for one Holiday.  Here are my sections:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • Party


I included the party section as well because I will be hosting a 16th Birthday party soon so I wanted to have that set up.  But I wouldn’t stop at just B-day party in this section.  I would use it for any party or if you are hosting  dinner with  large group of friend this section would work.  We often have a dinner party for all our Camping friends and I thought this section would be great for that.

Materials used:

The Front Page:

I have design the front page my self and I am including a printable for your personal use if you would like to use it.

Holiday Planner front page pdf

The Christmas

I made some of the printables my self and you can print them and use them if you would like

Christmas Wish List Printable pdf

christmas notes pdf

Christmas movie List pdf

Christmas Gift Giving Tracker pdf

I also printed some from free printables

Under Christmas section I have

  • Hostess Cheat Sheet
  • Holiday Preparations
  • Baking List
  • Baking Plan
  • Page protectors with recipes
  • Cooking Plan
  • Greeting card address list
  • Greeting card list
  • Different size of wish lists
  • Gift Giving tracker
  • Movie List
  • Notes


In this sections I used Notes that I created see above also free portables see above.  This section has:

  • Hostes Cheat Sheet
  • Thanksgiving Planner
  • page protectors with recipes
  • Note section


This section is work in progress and at this time does not contain anything.



Like I mentioned earlier this can be used for any type of party.  I used these free printables.

In this sections I have

  • Calendar/Theme/Occasion/Food list sheet
  • Guest List
  • lots of lined paper

Hope you find this blog helpful during busy times.

Happy reading


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