Raising a Teenage Daughter – Things no one told you

When my daughter was born I was so happy.  I already had a boy and was hoping for a girl.  She was so sweet while growing up, very independent and I meant the world to her.  She was very attached to me especially when she was a baby.  And than she turned 13.

While I was pregnant I got so many in my opinion unnecessary advice.  Even when they were little they would give you advice how to feed them, what’s best for them etc.  Every one had an opinion that they wanted to push on you.  But not one of them mentioned what happens when they turn 13, not one.

So I am here to give you that advice my self and to warn you what is there to come.

  1.  You are not Cool – no matter what you do or how much you think you are.  You are NOT and your daughter will let you know that almost every day.
  2.  She always needs to go somewhere-sports, friends house, extra school work, shopping. Just think if you were a cab driver and your charged them for every ride, you would live a different lifestyle.
  3. Always something hurts and needs to be massaged. Head, neck, knee, back, stomach.  Every single day.
  4. There is soooo much attitude every single day. From rolling her eyes to storming off upstairs.
  5. She has Multiple personalities:
    1. Best Friend – this personality  almost never comes out.  This is your little girl that wants to be with you, spend time with you and listen to you.
    2. Sweet Angel – this personality comes out a bit more than Best Friend.  This one asks to be tucked in, always telling you she loves you, kisses goodnight.
    3. Early Morning Evil – This personality shoots fire out of her mouth when asked a question and you run for cover wishing you left for work already. This evil personality usually shows up on early mornings.
    4. Know it all – this one comes out every time you try to give advice or suggestion regarding everything.
    5. Marry Poppins – caring, mature, smiling person that is willing to help before you even ask.  This personality comes out least amount of time.

So here are my warnings and advice.  The only thing I was ever told is that it doesn’t last.  I hope it doesn’t last.

Happy reading


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