New Year Plans and Resolutions

I decided to write this post to keep myself accountable.  I love the beginning of the New Year because I feel that in a sense it is a fresh new start.  This is the time when I find my self full of inspirations to better myself and my businesses.  Yes I have several of those and I need them running smoothly.  I know that this might be cliche, but it is how I feel so I go with it and make the best of it.  I usually come up with best ideas for my blog, my youtube channel and great themes for my daycare.

Let me tell you a little bit about my self.  My name is Sonja, I am 42 years old happily married for 17 years.  I have two teenagers boy and a girl.  I have a full time business and that is a home daycare, I have a youtube channel that I post on regularly and like to call myself a bit of an influencer, I write two blogs and am a very part time Disney Vacation Planner.  I love each and every one of these jobs and I enjoy dedicating my time to them.  They can however be very consuming.  That is why MY WORD for this Year is BALANCE.  I need to work on finding Balance between all that I do. From my business, to parenting, to wifing, taking care of a house and my self.  I believe Balance is crucial to success in all things we set out to do.

For this year I would like to see my blogs and my channel go the lengths.  My Home Daycare Business runs smooth because I have been running it for over twenty years.  I have everything set up perfectly and a side from Forty some hours a week spend on it I don’t need to tweak it much.  However my blog does need some dedication and more consistent content publishing and content that is interesting to the reader.  I would like to maybe monetize my blog by the end of the year.  But I can not have my blogs and my channel interfere with Day Care. This is where I will be Balancing things.

My YouTube Channel this past year had grown more than I have ever though it would especially towards the end of the year when I really put in 110% into it.  For this year I am planning on applying myself that much more and hope to bring my audience better quality and lots of interesting content.  I have developed a new posting schedule which is:

Monday – cleaning, cleaning motivations, declutter, cleaning hacks and tips

Tuesday – DIY’s, Home Decor

Wednesday – Travel Vlogs, Travel Tips, really anything related to travel mixed in some weekly and daily Vlogs.

Thursday – Planner Video, Organizations, Hauls, Lifestyle

Friday – In My Kitchen (cooking, cleaning, recipes, freezer meals, meal planning, tips and tricks.

I am excited with all that is to come for all my content.

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Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and for supporting me


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