My At Home Gym Setup

I love my home Gym. I used to have a gym membership but in my current state of life I do not have time to travel to and from gym and workout for an hour while there. It is valuable time that I don’t have with two busy teenagers, running two business sometimes three and my husbands work schedule. It just didn’t and wouldn’t work.

There are so many benefits of excersising at home with some basic equipment. There is no need for a home gym to be expensive. Here are things that you should have for your gym

  • dumbells
  • resistance bands
  • jump rope
  • excursive ball
  • yoga mat
  • foam roller

I may have more than necessary but most of my family members work out and everyone has their own wants. Here is my gym equipment:

I have some of my equipment linked up here

I use Beach Body on Demand very day and love the variety of workouts that it offers. May daughter uses it as well and for 119.00 CND. for a year how can you go wrong.

I also like to alternate between elliptical and treadmill every day and we also have those two machines. These were definitely an investments and I did not by the most expensive ones out there more of a middle priced ones. I live in an area where its cold for a good amount of months and I like to workout at 4 am and am a bit scared to be out on a street walking or running that early in the morning.

Some other equipment that we have and I occasionally use are:

  • bench
  • step
  • excursive ball
  • jumprope
  • adjustable weights

My son also has a Power rack that I don’t use at this time.

Before your create your home gym, you need to ask yourself if you enjoy exercising in a group, or alone. If you like exercising in a group than the social gym will be better suited for you. In my case when we all decide to workout at the same time it is very social but no-one talks to each other.

You can save a lot of money by buying used equipment and watch for sales. Start with the basics that you need and than slowly build on it. We started with couple dumbbells and an elliptical couple of years ago.

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