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winter home decorating after christmas

Today I wanted to share my home decor after Christmas with you. I love decorating for Christmas and have it up for almost two full months. So once Christmas is over I am ready to simplify my decor. Don’t you find that when you… Continue Reading “winter home decorating after christmas”

How to Decorate Tiered Trays for any Season

Decorating is one of my favourite ways to pass time. Lol. I do love decorating my house but I especially love decorating it for different seasons. I know for some it is too much but for someone that works from home and can’t really… Continue Reading “How to Decorate Tiered Trays for any Season”

Winter Decor That’s Not Christmas Theme

It is that awkward time of the year when I am not sure how I want to decorate my house.    After Christmas takedown the house is so bare it almost echoes.  But I am not ready to decorate with yellows because that is… Continue Reading “Winter Decor That’s Not Christmas Theme”

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