winter home decorating after christmas

Today I wanted to share my home decor after Christmas with you. I love decorating for Christmas and have it up for almost two full months. So once Christmas is over I am ready to simplify my decor. Don’t you find that when you take down your Christmas Decor your home is so empty? Because I replace every piece of my regular decor with Christmas Decor my home becomes a blank canvas. This year I was planning on going out and buying a few new pieces, I typically like to do this in January but this year I was ready for a big change. But unfortunately the government put a stop to that by locking us down so I had to shop my home instead. I fully decorated my Living Room, Family Room and Dinette. My Kitchen and Formal Dining room are still work in progress.

I also decorated my front foyer so I will start with that. I kept it very simply and cozy with some wood accents.

In my living room I wanted to have that cozy Winter feeling. I added some greenery, wood and lots of thrifted items.

Moving on to my Family Room which is a heart of my home and where my whole family hangs out in including my puppies. I wanted to keep it very simple but yet very stylish.

Over in my dinette I included a bit more color but still kept if very simple. As you can see I am using mostly green and white decor with hint of wood for different texture and lots of galvanized metal. I am really enjoying this style. For color I am adding lavender. I always loved decorating with lavender during Winter months. One thing that I would love to add to my decor through out the house is some wicker planter with most likely fake plants but I am open to some real ones just not sure if my puppies would eat those ( I currently have a 11 month old and 11 week old puppy).

Once I finish decorating my kitchen I will most likely share that decor in a separate blog post. And if you would like to see what it looks like now along with the rest of my decor make sure you watch my newest video on my Home channel

Sometimes Winter decorating can be challenging and often even I find myself stuck and not sure which direction to take my home decor. Hope you found this blog post inspirational and helpful. Thanks for reading.

Happy Decorating


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