Winter Decor That’s Not Christmas Theme

It is that awkward time of the year when I am not sure how I want to decorate my house.    After Christmas takedown the house is so bare it almost echoes.  But I am not ready to decorate with yellows because that is the colour that I use for Spring time.  I also don’t want to spend lots of money on new decor.

So what do I do you ask?  Well I shop my house, go for lots of greens, blues and whites. Once I use up what I have I than maybe shop for more decor if needed.  This year I set myself a budget of $75.00 to spend on new decor.  Things that I have purchased I can use with my other seasons.  Here are the items I have purchased:

The rest of the house decor came from my house.  I love shopping my house for decor it amazes me how many things I have forgotten that I had.

For the Winter decor I was going for cozy, warm and fresh decor.  I only decorated main floor although I did change out some stuff in my master bedroom but that will be a separate post.

In my living room I styled my mantel, changed out my pillows on the sofa.  I used my diy no so pillows which will be a separate post as well, so keep an eye out for that one. I also styled my coffee table.


I love how cozy my living room feels especially when I turn on the fireplace.

In my Formal dining room I went with very simple decor.  This room was so busy for Christmas and I didn’t want that for next few months.  I decided to add very little but still keep it fresh and wintery.

Now moving on to the rooms that my family spends most of the time in.  I especially wanted simple, functional cozy decor for these rooms.  In my family room I styled my fireplace with mostly things that I had.  The only new thing is the wreath which I am obsessed with.  I have been on the look out for this wreath for a while.  I was even going to make one when I came across this one.  It came from Marshals and it was $24.99.  What a steal.  I love it.

The coffee table I kept simple as well with some diy candle holder and a candelabra that I had for a while now.  Behind the sofa there is a dresser which was thrifted and redone. On it I used different textures to decorate it and it turned out georgeous.  Lots of greens and whites with some wicker, stone and metal to add texture.  I also incorporated lavender to tie in with the wreath in the family room.

On one of the side tables there is a bird cage with greenery ball and some twinkle lights.  Twinkle lights are another way to bring in some warmth on the cold nights.

In the Kitchen and Dinette I needed the decor to be simple and easily moved.  We eat breakfast and dinner at this table every night together so needed the decor to be simple and easily moved when we set the table for our meals.  My husband doesn’t like cluttered counter tops so I needed to find a way to add decor without too much clutter.  I achieved this look by adding a two tiered tray that I got on Amazon. Love the way it turned out.


I styled it with some more of the Dollar Tree greenery and Rea Dunn ceramics.  This is way in the corner and hopefully won’t interfere with everyday cooking.

Hope you got some inspiration from this post.  Happy reading.  And if you would like to see my Winter Home Tour you can watch it here

Winter Home Decorating Ideas I Cozy Farmhouse Decor


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