My 2020 Goals and 2019 Year in Review

I can’t believe the year 2019 has ended and it ended with a bang. I have gained more subscribers in the last quarter than previous ones on YouTube and on the Blog. And I am thankful for that more than words can say. But 2019 wasn’t and easy year. I worked harder than before, enjoyed every bit of it but I also lost my best friend in October. My trusted sidekick, my confidant and my pain in the butt at times. My Buddy (golden retriever).

I will heal from my wounds and make the 2020 best year ever. I have lots of goals for myself, my family and my businesses. For my home daycare they pretty much stay the same. Keep up the good work. I have been doing it for over 20 years and it just works, why change something that works. For my YouTube I want to reach 16000 subscribers by this time next year. I know it is a hefty goal but one I am confident with hard work I will achieve it. I also want to put more focus on my blog and make it more consistent with posting. My goal is twice a week and I already planned out my January and some of My February posts. I want to keep it the same with lots of tutorials, recipes, meal plans, planning, home tours and travel. I want to also include cleaning challenges and organizing challenges since my Fall organize challenge was such a success. I will also share free printable and other resources.

For my fitness I will continue on my journey with Beach Body and I will be starting Morning Meltdown 100 on January 6th. as well as running. I would like to participate in some form of a race by the end of the year but will get a better picture later on once I can see how well my training is going. I want to have the healthiest year ever. So far 2019 has been the best one so far and I want to beat it. I will have a separate post on my weight loss journey later on so stay tuned. I have also set out couple of goals for myself personally and they are

  • Increase My Self Love and Self Worth
  • Have Better relationship with People in my life
  • To reframe my thoughts from negative to positive
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs
  • Have courage
  • Have courage to let go
  • Heal from wounds

To look back at my Last year on my Blog I have made a list of Top five Blog Posts

#1 Fall Home Decorating ideas on the Budget

#2 Fall Clean and Declutter Challenge

#3. Free Weekly and Monthly Meal Plan

#4. 2019 Spring and Easter Home Decor

#5. Meal Planning Tips for Home Daycare

I want to thank all of you that take time to ready my blog and following me along on other social media. It means the wold to me.

Are you all set for 2020? Lets make it the best year ever.

Happy Reading


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