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My 2020 Goals and 2019 Year in Review

I can’t believe the year 2019 has ended and it ended with a bang. I have gained more subscribers in the last quarter than previous ones on YouTube and on the Blog. And I am thankful for that more than words can say. But… Continue Reading “My 2020 Goals and 2019 Year in Review”

Monthly Meal Planning – November

Here is my Monthly Meal Plan for the month of November. Just a reminder that we are located in Canada so I do not include Thanksgiving in my planning. For this month I have been trying to add more crock pot comfort food and… Continue Reading “Monthly Meal Planning – November”

12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge. If you are here for the first time you can check out the post from last week here. This week I will be working on my Living Room and Formal Dining room. If… Continue Reading “12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge Week 2”

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