12 Week Fall Clean and Declutter Challenge – Week 1

Today I am starting my Fall Cleaning Challenge. I have been a huge fan of Bowel Full of Lemons as well as FlyLady Method Cleaning. They have both inspired me to keep my home clutter free and also not to have piles of cleaning needed to be done at once. Like Spring Cleaning. I use to hate Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning but now there is not a lot of stuff left to do when the time comes to do these seasonal cleanings. Using these two ladies methods of cleaning I have created my own and have implemented it for past few years. It works for me very well. Unfortunately this summer has thrown in a few curve balls my way and I fell of the wagon when it came to keeping up with the cleaning. So I have decided to challenge myself as well as others, so I have accountability and get my house cleaned for the upcoming busy season. So who is ready to do this with me?

For week one I have it divided into four days. This is how it works for me but you can doit all in one day or over couple of days. Depending how much needs to be done I will doit that way too. Never all in one day but I might combine a few days into one. Here is my list. I will also have it in the PDF if you want to print it out for yourself as a check list. Week One Check List

Monday – Front Porch Cleaning

  • Clean up cobwebs
  • Clean up porch furniture (hose it down or just sweep it up)
  • Clean up porch floor (hose it down or just sweep it up)
  • Throw away dead plants
  • Clean up bushes (trim down, clean out the garbage)
  • Get rid of unwanted items. I will be redecorating my front porch at this time for Fall

Tuesday – Entryway

  • Dust and wipe down walls if needed ( I run a home daycare so I always have finger prints)
  • Clean the window on inside and outside as well as the front door
  • Dust baseboards
  • I also like to wash my front door carpet with a carpet cleaner (my dog likes to sleep on it so it get very dirty)
  • I will be also cleaning out my coat closet and my Bombay chest (I keep mittens and hats in my Bombay Chest and Shoes and Coats in my coat closet)
  • Clean switch plate

Wednesday – Powder Room and Mud Room

  • Clean under the sink
  • Dust baseboards
  • Wash the wall and door
  • Wash the waste basket
  • Replace toilet brush ( I buy mine at dollar tree)
  • Clean cobwebs in the bathroom and the mudroom
  • Clean switch plate
  • Declutter pantry ( I have redid my closet into a pantry)
  • Update boards and paper work ( I use my mudroom for daycare)
  • Declutter clothes and ask parents for dated clothing
  • Fix and replace any hooks that need it

Thursday – Light fixtures – I like to keep my Thursday and Friday lighter since I do my whole home weekly cleaning on these days. I also use these two days to catch up if I didn’t get to do all things.

  • Clean up all Light fixtures inside and out.

I usually dedicate 30-45min a day and do it during nap time. It totally depends how many things you have in these space. It might take you longer or shorter. I do recommend sticking to these things only. If you decide to dust your furniture or wash your floors it will take you longer. I just keep it to the list that way I can get through it.

I will be posting the weekly list every Monday for next 12 weeks. I will also have a video on my youtube channel posted of all the cleaning that I am doing. You can check out my Challenge Invitation here

Happy Cleaning


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