10 Weeks To a Clutter Free Home

You can’t organize clutter. In order to organize you have to declutter. For me beginning of the New Year is a time for new beginnings and I like to get rid of all things cluttering my life. Sometimes that can be as simple as paperwork or as big as furniture that you no longer use but for some reason been holding on to it. Decluttering your home for most is such a rewarding task that it almost doesn’t feel like work. But sometimes no matter how rewarding it is we procrastinate. So once again I like to challenge my self at this time and really declutter my home so I can breathe. I like to give my home a really good declutter twice a year once in January and than again right after summer in September. You can see my Fall Declutter challenge here to see what I have done back in September. It is a bit different but nevertheless still very rewarding.

I am breaking down the list for me and you and letting you know what I am doing each week. I am also sharing a free printable check list for every week so if you want you can print it at home and follow it if you would like.

Week 1 – Seasonal Decor – This is a great time to get rid of Christmas decor that you did not use this year or the year before. Most likely you will not use it next year. Also no need to hold on to broken worn out items either. There is no checklist here because it is straight forward. You can see all the things I have decluttered in my seasonal declutter here

Week 2 – Office – this requires in my opinion a lot of work. It definitely is my least favourite thing to declutter. All the paper work and at this time I also go through all my receipts and my emails and also my storage. I have external storage and Icloud storage. It is important to declutter your computer things so your electronics work properly. No need to keep every email ever received. I also like to organize my photos at this time as well. Here is the checklist:

Week 3 – Freezer, Pantries and small Appliance storage – I love kitchen utensils and appliances so I have lots. I store ones I don’t use on regular basis in the basement. I also have two pantries because I run a home daycare and usually need more stuff than most. Having your pantry well organize can keep your food costs down because you are fully aware of what you need and what you don’t need. You can follow my checklist below:

Week 4 – Kitchen cupboards – Keeping things well organized in the kitchen can make a meal prep a breeze. Make sure you keep thing in the kitchen that you use frequently. Here is my checklist for the Kitchen Cupboards:

Week 5 – Bathroom Cabinets – How you organize your bathroom cabinets is such personal thing even our bathroom organization is so different that the organization I have for my kids bathroom. You can find the checklist here:

Week 6 – Linen Closet and Coat Closet – I keep seasonal stuff in my Coat closet so I like to remove some stuff out of it that doesn’t belong at this time. It is also a great time to get rid of shoes, scarfs, mittens that are no longer wearable. I tend to hold on to these things for some reason.

Week 7 – Master Bedroom / Closet – I like to go through all my clothes and toss the ones that I no longer am able to wear because they are stained or ripped. You should also really think about clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time and donate them.

Week 8 – Craft Room / Gym – My daycare craft room is on ongoing process. It feels like its always a mess and one room that makes me totally overwhelmed. One way that I have decreased some of the clutter in the past by storing all my craft supplies by theme.

Week 9 – Homework Station / Dining Room – I still haven’t gotten rid of 2019 calendar. It is time to replace it with 2020. This is a good time to go over school notes from the kids since they have been in school for about 5 months now and you don’t need to keep all the paperwork.

Week 10 – Laundry Room – Those socks one they will drown me. Where are the other pairs??? Time to toss the once that have been sitting in the bin all year with their pair nowhere to be found.

Trust me once you go through that list it will feel so good. By the end of ten weeks I will be starting a new challenge for my self and that is to Spring clean the whole house. And as always I will have a check list to go along with it. So make sure you check back in March for some new cleaning Motivation.

Happy cleaning


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