Super Bowl Party Food

As the Super Bowl approaches I wanted to share with you the type of food that I will be preparing. We are not huge fans of Football but we do watch it here and there and the Super Bowl we definitely watch every year especially since my son got a bit older. We also love food and always look for any excuse to enjoy good eating.

For the appetizers I will be serving:

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip – you can find a recipe here. For different variations try using Blue cheese dressing instead of Ranch and Blue Cheese instead of Cheddar. Very delicious. I will have a side of veggies to dip with as well as corn tortilla chips.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites – you can find recipe here

Baked Garlic Parmesan Puffs – you can find recipe here

For the main coarse but you can also serve it as an appetizers, I will be serving Chicken Wings. We love chicken wings and this recipe makes it a bit healthier (if you can make the wings healthier). I have been making these wings for many years and are by far my favourite. You can find the recipe here. I do not add any sugar is the only difference.

And what would Chicken Wings be without some French fries. I stopped using the bagged frozen kind couple years ago and make my own. The recipe that I started with you can find here. I love the taco seasoning but you can season them any way you like. Simple sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper with olive oil or salt, garlic, parsley, pepper, paprika is great especially if you finish them off with melted parmesan cheese. Really the possibilities are endless, and they taste so good.

I am excited for this menu. It really meets everyone dietary needs in my family. My husband eats low carb so I will include few naked wings for him and he will not eat the Garlic Puffs which my kids love. He will also not eat the fries. I will however eat a bit of everything. By making everything my self I can control wha’ts in it and make it as healthy as possible.

Thank You so much for reading.


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