Winter Day Activity for Kids

We finally got some good amount of snow. Even though we live in Ontario Canada, it has taken winter to finally arrive at the end of January with cold temperatures and good amount of snow that we can actually play on. But just like anything else snow is so much fun at the beginning and you do all the snow activities with the kids like sledding, outdoor skating rings, building snowman and snow forts if the snow stays for a while you need to get creative to keep the fun of snow going. It can be a long winter sometimes if the kids are bored.

One of the snow activities that keeps the kids occupied and you can easily mix it in with other snow activities is painting the snow. I have done this activity many times with the kids and they always ask for more.

I have cleaned out some of the plastic bottles I had around the house or you can get some new ones from the dollar store. I just didn’t have time to go so I used what I had. If you are cleaning ones you have you want to make sure they are very well cleaned out and the sprayer is cleaned out too.

Than you add water and food colouring of your choice. And that is it. I had some really bright colours from Wiltons and I loved how they showed on the snow.

The kids had so much fun. It kept them occupied for over and hour. The only downfall is that their mittens got a bit wet especially the younger ones, so you want to make sure that they are the waterproof mittens not the wooly kind.

This is a great budget friendly activity that will get your kids asking for more.

Happy Winter


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