Five Simple Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Valentines day is just around the corner so I decided to share some of the crafts we will be making at my home daycare. I have children ranging in age 18 months to almost 4 years old. I wanted to do activities that all the kids could do. Here are five that we will be making:

Canvas Heart

Supplies Needed:

  • paint in red, white, pink, purple and yellow
  • canvas or piece of white wood
  • hear shape small enough to fit on the canvas/wood
  • cotton balls
  • paper plate for your paints
  • tape for gluing the heart to the canvas/wood


Attache the heart in the middle of the canvas with tape. Let the children paint the outside of the heart with cotton balls. Once done, remove the heart.

Valentines Day Card

Supplies needed:

  • heart shaped stamps for paint (if you don’t have any stamps, foam hearts glued to the clothes pin work well)
  • paint in red, white, pink, purple and yellow
  • construction paper folded in half


Let the kids stamp the stamps into the paint and onto the folded construction paper. Makes a beautiful design for Valentines Day card.

Heart Shape Person

Supplies Needed:

  • foam heart
  • construction paper cut into strips (two long two short)
  • craft eyes
  • marker
  • small foam hearts
  • glue


Fold the strips back and forth to create a harmonica like pattern. Draw a smiley mouth onto to the heart. Let the kids glue the eyes, short paper strips for the arms and long paper strips for the legs. On the bottom of the arms and legs glue the small hearts.

Heart Butterfly

Supplies Needed:

  • clothes pins or butterfly body
  • doilies
  • foam hearts medium size
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue


Cut a two heart shapes so they are attached at the tip. Thread it through the clothes pin or the body. Have the children glue the heart shape foam on each wing and attache the pipe cleaners as antennas.

Valentines Day Mailboxes

Supplies needed:

  • paper plates two
  • glue
  • Valentines day craft foam decorations or any other valentines day craft supplies for embellishing a craft
  • marker


Cut on paper plate in half. Keep one and use the other for something else. Hot glue or staple half of the plate to the full plate to create a pocket. Let the kids decorate it with VDay craft supplies. Write your child in front of the mailbox so he/she knows its theirs.

These are simple crafts and most of the supplies can be bought at a dollar store.

If you would like to watch the instructions for these crafts you can watch it here

Happy Crafting


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