Chalk Paint Master Bedroom Furniture How To

In this blog I wanted to share my road to refinishing my master bedroom furniture.  It took me a while but definitely worth it.

I have had my bedroom furniture since before my son was born which will be 15 years ago this spring.  I loved it when I first got it.  It was reddish color with a big sleigh bed.

As the time passed we broke the bed frame, went from queen to king mattress and couldn’t use the headboard and footboard anymore and I stoped loving the color of the furniture.  I still like the shape of it.  So about a year ago I decided to do something about the bedroom look.  My Husband and I went out and bought some barn board and he built us the headboard and the bed frame.


And that is where it ended.  Life got too busy and I just couldn’t or maybe even would’t commit the time to paint the furniture.  Until this Christmas break where I found my self a little antsy after a few days off.  Since I already had all the supplies I decided to just dive in.  So I did.  The whole process took me about a ten hours spread out between two days.

First I started with the nightstand and the tops.  I was using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and various different paint brushes.  I also used Annie Sloan clear and dark wax.  I also used the brushes to apply these waxes.


After I took the drawers out and removed all the hardware, I gave it a good wipe down with a wet cloth.  Once it dried I sanded it down with a sanding block.  It was a very light sand just to remove any stuck on dirt or lint that was on it.  I didn’t actually remove any paint with the sending block.  You don’t need to sand anything.  The paint goes on the surface without a problem.


Once I was ready to apply paint I first applied the Annie Sloan French linen.  I dried brushed this on by dipping the brush lightly into the paint and than dabbing most of the paint off on a cloth.  I covered the top of the furniture very lightly and made sure that the original color showed through.


When this paint dried I applied Annie Sloan Old White the same way.  Once I was done with the top I took the Annie Sloan Old White and painted the rest of nightstand and the drawers.  I followed the same steps for the rest of the furniture pieces.  So only the tops had both paint colors on them.


After the paint dried I applied Annie Sloan Dark Wax to the tops.  I used the brush to apply the wax and than used a cloth to rub it in.img_0866

For the rest of the furniture and the drawers I sanded the edges where I wanted the original color to show.  I used a 400 grit finishing sand paper.  Once I reached a look I wanted I dusted the sanding dust off before I waxed it.  I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  I applied it with a brush and than buffed it with a clean cloth.  I covered all the furniture with a clear wax, the tops as well.

I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. I got brand new furniture with very little effort and very low cost.  My next project is an electric fireplace with a mantel that I got for a steal from Kijiji.


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