Christmas Decor Storage and Organizing

Let me tell you it has taken me some time to figure out how to store all my Christmas Decorations.  Over the years my collection has grown significantly and I have left some room with my new storage system for little bit more growth.  I currently have seven Christmas trees in my house.  I have two eight footers, one about ten feet, three six footers and one I tree is about four feet tall.  I also have a table top tree that currently has all my Disney decorations but those decorations collection is getting bigger so I might have to get a bigger tree next year.

Why so many you might ask? Well it all started when my kids started making decorations at school and at home and had to be hung on a tree for all to see.  My original and what I call main tree is very traditional tree.


You see as much as I loved all the things my kids were creating it was effecting the look and style of my main tree so I decided to give them their own tree that they can decorate any way they wanted to.  They absolutely loved that idea so everyone was happy.


Last year I came across and extremely good deal at our local garden center and got my self a ten foot tree for my two story hallway.  I have always wanted a tree in my hallway but need it to be tall and slim as there wasn’t a lot of room in my hallway for a traditional size tree.  I went to the garden center because I knew they usually had good deals on Boxing Day, and they sure did.  I got it at 70% off.


The rest of the trees are as follows: my children have one each in their room and I have two other ones in the basement.  One of the basement ones is for my home daycare that the daycare children decorate.

Having so many trees and also two mantels came a challenge how to store all these decorations.  I decided to assign a bin to each tree and a bin for each room.  The three big trees have large bins that they are stored in.  They fit perfectly into them and I find they don’t get dusty in these bins so each year when I pull them out they don’t smell.  Decorations for these trees have their own bin as well.  I don’t at this time have any special way to store the balls I just wrap everything in the newspaper and put it in the bins.  I put blanket at the bottom of the bin and on the top.  This has worked well for me over the years so I don’t feel the need to buy the proper storage for balls or breakable decor yet.  In this same bin everything else fits, my berry garlands, lights (except the new tree its pre-lit), tree skirt, ribbons, floral stems etc .

Next bins I have are for decor fom the mantels and the rest of the room.  My living room and my family room have a mantel and each room has its own bin for these decorations.

I also have bins for my garland and my floral stems as well for my melting pot and seasonal plugins and candles.  Floral stems and smell things go in one bin as there is not that many of them.  I like to change up my house scent for the appropriate seasons.


I label all my bins so when I decorate my house which takes me about a week to get it done, since time is very limited between work and kids activities.  I only pull out the bins that I am working on on that day.  It saves me form having a complete mess in my whole house with bins everywhere.  This way if I am working in my hallway tree I only bring out the bins for that tree.  By having the bins labeled it is easy for me to pull them out.

Now for the storage and organization of these bins I had my awesome husband built me a high shelf where I can store lots of stuff under it as well as on it since it is very deep.  This is a very large shelf built out of two by fours and plywood.  It is in one corner of the basement by my utility room.  All my Christmas decor fits perfectly under it and I can stack up my bins double high which I really like.  I can get to all my bins with not much effort at all.


One other thing that I started doing a few year back is writing things down for next year.  I have a planner that I use on regular basis and what I do is I write down in next Novembers monthly spread in the notes sections what I would like to add to my Christmas decor as well as what I need to add.  For example this year my tree skirt for one of my big trees had to go so I will need to buy a new one so I write that down, as well as I write down if I need more candles or which plugins to buy.  I write it down now because it is fresh in my mind but I know by next year I will not remember any of it.

This is a system that works very well for me and I hope it provides you with some ideas on how to store your decor.

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