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Holiday Planner Setup With Printables

We all know how busy Holiday seasons can get.  I created my own Planner for the Holidays that I got inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube.  There are so many different setups and price points.  My Planner was almost free since I had the supplies… Continue Reading “Holiday Planner Setup With Printables”

Toddler and Preschool Memory Game Printable

One of my favourite games to play with young children is a Memory Game. Memory games are very easy to play and they are healthy exercise for their brain, they improve concentration, enhance cognitive skills, train visual memory, boost brain function just to mention… Continue Reading “Toddler and Preschool Memory Game Printable”

Fall Preschool Activities

All these Activities and songs were collected and put together form different sources on Pinterest.  I use this as my planning for the week we celebrate Fall in my Day Care. SONGS FINGER PLAYS OH,FALL IS HERE! (sung to the tune of “Oh, Christmas… Continue Reading “Fall Preschool Activities”

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