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Easy and Simple Halloween Decor

This year I said I wasn’t going to be doing any Halloween decorating. But here I am sharing a post on my Halloween Home decor. Since I no longer have young children at home I wanted to make it spooky but not overboard. I… Continue Reading “Easy and Simple Halloween Decor”


I Think I love reading Fall books almost as much as I love watching Christmas Movies. I decided to search up all things Fall and come up with a book list that I am planning on reading this Fall and maybe inspire you to… Continue Reading “MY FALL BOOK READING BUCKET LIST”

My Favourite Books

I do love a good read. I am even a part of a Book Club. This wasn’t always the case. When I was younger and in school I was not a reader. As a matter of fact I hated reading books. I always felt… Continue Reading “My Favourite Books”

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