Easy and Simple Halloween Decor

This year I said I wasn’t going to be doing any Halloween decorating. But here I am sharing a post on my Halloween Home decor. Since I no longer have young children at home I wanted to make it spooky but not overboard. I am going to start with my bar cart that was one of my favourite in my Halloween Decor this year. I decorated it for my Book Club since the book was a bit spooky and I though it would be the best fit for that.

I just love how awesome this turned out and mostly on the budget. The Skeleton was my most expensive piece and I got him from Spirit Halloween. He was around $70.00 CND. The rest of the decor is either my DIY or from Dollar Store.

While we are talking about the book club I also did a spooky Charcuterie set up. And not only was it spooky it was also very delicious.

Now moving on to the rest of the decor. I decorated the Rec Room in the basement probably the most since that is where my adult children hang out (age 18 and 19) with their friends.

Now for the rest of the house I kept it simple and I think elegant.

Bar Cart
Home Tour
Rec Room
Charcuterie Board

Hope you have a Happy Halloween


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