Meal Planning Printables

Today I wanted to share my love for meal planning and some fun free printables that you can use for your own meal planning. I have been meal planning for a while know most of the time. There are times in my life when I really should be meal planning because life gets so busy and because of just that I skip it. I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I have for meal planning and some shelf cooking. This helps me stay on the budget and have least amount of food waste which I hate. And the benefit of all this is that you can eat pretty healthy at home.

Here are some tips and tricks

  • before starting my monthly meal plan I make an inventory of my pantry and all my freezers
  • from that list I make up my first meals. The either come from my favourite meals list or I gather new recipes I want to try. I get most of my new recipes from pinterest
  • My favourite meals list is something that is an ongoing list where I write meals that my whole family enjoys
  • Once I have meals that include my pantry and freezer items figured out I will start adding other meals.
  • You want to add the pantry and freezer meals to the beginning of the month so they get used up

Here is a sample of my monthly meal plan

Once my Monthly meal plan is figured out I move on to my Weekly meal plan. I create my monthly meal plans at the end of previous month of beginning of the month that I am planning for. My Weekly menue I create usually on Wednesdays for the following week since my grocery day is typically Thursday

Tips and Tricks for Weekly Meal Plan

  • do and inventory of your fridge and try to incorporate those items first. Soups are a great way to use up veggies. I usually don’t figure out what type of a soup I will be making until the week I am meal planning for. I like to make one or two soups a week and we enjoy them for lunches
  • I also meal plan my lunches, breakfasts and snacks
  • if you have extra fruit in your fridge plan for smoothies or fruit pancakes or fruit salad for breakfast at the beginning of the week.
  • berries and bananas freeze well and you can use the later for baking or smoothies
  • When it comes to planning my dinners I refer to my monthly plan and pull dinner form there
  • At this time I will also figure out salads, veggies and sides and meal plan those as well.
  • Once all that is figured out I make a list of all the ingredients I need
  • I check my pantry and freezer and check of items I have
  • From that I will create a shopping list

I also made a video of my meal planner flip through and all these tips and maybe couple extra ones if you want to see

For my grocery list, freezer and pantry list you can get the here

For Monthly printable

Weekly Printable

And if you would like to use ones I used in the video here is the link to weekly and monthly ones

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I encourage you to watch the video for some extra tips and tricks

Happy Meal Planning


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