Winter Home Decor Ideas after Christmas

Hello my friends. I have just finished putting my house back together after I took down Christmas. It took me about two days to get Christmas stuff put away and then I took my time deep cleaning each room and getting some new and old decor out. I like to start with each room with a clean slate so besides furniture there is really nothing else in it. That way its like brand new space every season and I can do whatever I want with it.

This year I went with a little bit less decor than usual. It was just what I was feeling. I am far from minimalistic but I do feel comparing to previous years that my decor was minimal. I wanted my decor to feel wintery and cozy.

I started with my front foyer and living room. I brought in lots of outdoor elements mixed with different textures like wood, fabric, stone and metal. Love how inviting the foyer feels and how cozy living room is.

Once these two rooms were complete I moved on to my Dining Room and Family Room. My Dining Room barely gets used but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look pretty. I pulled all the same elements from the living room and continued them into the dining room

The Family Room opens up to our kitchen and dinette and is also one of the most used room by all of us including my two giant fur babies. I wanted to tie in the whole house in my family room without going over board which is one of the hardest things to do for me.

I probably should have included my front porch right at the beginning but I did spruce up the porch too. Using existing Christmas planters minus the red berries and lots of white and fluffy decor my front porch now is very wintery and inviting.

The last room I decorated for Winter was my Master Bedroom. Although this decor is more all year round I still feel it is very cozy and makes me want to nap all day.

If you would like I also have a video tour and all the decorate with me videos over on my youtube channel

I hope you were able to get some inspirations from this post and I hope you have Happy Winter Decorating.


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