Christmas Home Tour 2020

Believe it or not it is that time of the year again and even though this year was rough and most likely we will be spending Christmas with just four of us I am super excited that it is that time of the year. I finished decorating this week and now I am ready to start shopping.

I did a few things different this year so let’s get started at my front porch. I love decorating my front porch I feel like it is your first glimpse of what to come. I used several thrifted items with some DIY projects and of course my Fresh Greenery projects that I love and do every year.

You can watch my Full Front Porch Decorate with Me here

Once we move inside I wanted to have that rustic Santa’s Workshop vibe and I think I did achieve it a bit. First thing you are greeted with is my tall 9ft Christmas Tree. I would say 90% of decor is hand made and you can check out a full list of my Christmas DIYs here.

If you want to watch decorate with me you can do that here

As we walk pass the entryway here is where I went completely different. I wanted my Living Room to have that Winter Wonderland feel with that red from entry way to tie in. I love love the way this room turned out.

Over on in my Formal Dining Room is where our Hot Cocoa Station is and also where my Christmas Tree #2 is. This is my newest tree. I got it last year from Lowes but unfortunately I could not find it on the site anymore.

Now moving on to the heart of the house where we as a family spend together. Over in my Family room I went with more of a traditional look.

In my kitchen I went with a gingerbread theme. I started this theme last year and I absolutely love it. If you would like to watch my Kitchen decorate with me you can do it here

The last room that I will be sharing with you is my Master Bedroom. I went with a cozy cabin look in this room and let me tell you it feels super cozy, warm and inviting. You can watch my decorate with me here

You could also watch my full home tour over on my Home YouTube channel

Hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour 2020, I would love to know what room was your favourite down in the comments

Happy Decorating


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