January 2021 Dinner ideas

Well can’t believe 2020 is almost done. One more day. I am welcoming 2021 with open arms and hoping it is much better than 2020. Don’t get me wrong 2020 had some ups but with so many downs its hard to see the ups. For me I broke so many good habits I had at the beginning of 2020 and now I am working so hard to get them back. One of them being meal planning. I started off really strong in 2020 than March happened and I felt like my life stopped. My mind was pre occupied with so many uncertainties that planning my meals was the furthest thing on my mind. I tried to get back into it in August but just couldn’t find the motivation to continue. I pretty much flew on a side of my pants in September, October, November and December. Which was good for no one especially my waist line. I am committing now to change that and coming at you with a brand new healthy January 2021 Dinner meal plan. I got already February in the works as well. If you have been following me for a while you should be fairly familiar with my style but if your are new, here is how I meal plan for the month:

  • I start by checking my freezer for the meat that I have
  • I used that meat to start my meal plan. This ensures I use up all the meat before I buy more
  • I have a list of our favourite meals and I also ask my family what they would like to see on the menu
  • I also try out a few new recipes that way we keep things interesting. I primarily use Pinterest for all my new recipes
  • I write all my meal plans in pencil that way I can change things around if they don’t work on the day I scheduled them for
  • this year I purchased a new weekly meal planner you can find it here
  • you can get a free monthly meal plan blank printable here
  • I typically plan out my month just dinners at the end of a month for the following month
  • I have been going grocery shopping every other week due to the current situation so I plan out my weekly menu where I include lunch and breakfast as well as my Home Daycare Lunches too.

Here is my January Monthly Dinner Plan

Here are some of the recipes I am using this month


You can also get more ideas for What’s for Dinner as well as recipes on my brand new Cooking Channel

Hope you find this helpful. Let me know down in the comments if you meal plan and some of the tips and trick you might have that would be helpful to all the reader

Happy Meal Planning


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