Chalk Paint Tutorial | Weathered Wood Look

If you are at all familiar with my blog and my youtube channel you know I love to makeover furniture. My most favourite way to do so is with chalk paint but I do love using stain as well. I have lots of different tutorials here on my blog as well as on my channel. If you wish to watch some of them here is the link to my playlist

In todays blog post I will share how I created a wood weather look on my old sofa / console table. I love the style of this table but was very unhappy with the finish since I had this furniture for last 20 years and the finish was peeling off. So instead of running off and buying new furniture I spend $50.00 on supplies and refinished not only the consulate / sofa table but a matching coffee table and side table and I still have tons of paint and wax leftover. I did not buy wax since I had it from different projects. Here is what the table looked like before I finished it.

The products that I used were

Annie Sloan Coco Paint… Annie Sloan Dark Wax and Clear Wax… Annie Sloan Wax Brush… Paint brush I used I can’t find a link to it so here is a similar brush…

First thing I did was give the furniture a good cleaning. I also sanded with a light sand paper just some areas that were chipping for smoothness. You also want to do this if you have sticky stuff on your furniture. Furniture has to be all clean otherwise paint won’t stick. After I was done I painted the whole piece in Coco.

Than the fun part starts. The real transformation. I applied dark wax. This is not a protective wax but an antiquing wax. I use the wax brush and brushed it all over and than take a lint free rag and take some off.

I do this to the whole piece and let it dry for couple of hours. Now its time to seal the piece and I use a clear finishing wax to do this. This will give it an ultimate protection. I apply it the same way as the dark wax. Little goes a long way you do not want to go heavy with wax. I let this cure for a day or so and than I came back with another lint free rag and gave it a light buff. And that is it

I could not be happier with the way these pieces turned out. I love working with chalk paint and can’t wait to work on another project.

If you would like to watch a video tutorial you can do so here

Happy Painting


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