12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge – Week 3

We are moving on to a week 3. You should be able to see your cleaning progress now in the areas you have cleaned. Last week if you are not familiar I worked on my Formal Living Room and Dining Room. This week I will be Working on My Office, Family Room and Downstairs Hallway.

Here is my list:

Detailed Cleaning Family Room, Office, Hallway

Tuesday – Detailed Cleaning – My office space

1 Clear off the surface of your desk

2 Throw away pens that don’t work

3 Sharpen pencils

4 Throw out all the trash

5 Straighten all the craft supplies on shelf

6 Straighten  drawers 

7 File receipts

8 Clean off the monitor screen

10 Dust furniture

12 Remove cobwebs

Tuesday – Detailed Cleaning Family Room

1 Clean Cobwebs

2 Clean Window

3 Clean out End Tables

4 Wash Walls

5 Straighten drawer

6 Stain Treat the couches

7 Wash Curtains

Wednesday – Detailed Cleaning – Hallways

1 Dust Cobwebs

2 Wash Walls and Baseboard

3 Dust and wash Light Fixtures

4 Clean the Banisters

You can find a free Printable List Here:

And if you want to see the video of How I clean these areas you can watch it here

Happy Cleaning


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