Perfect Mother’s Day DIY’s for any Mother figure in your life

I love receiving homemade gifts and I like giving them away. With a lot of research and trail and error I created three DIY’s that are somewhat easy to make and any Mother would love to receive them. I think.

These crafts are budget friendly as almost all the supplies came from the Dollar Store.

MOM FrameThe materials needed:

The first one which is my favourite one and easy to make would fit anyones decor.

MOM Frame

Materials Needed:


  • Glue the pallets together. I used heavy objects on either side to keep them together. I also glued the wide popsicle sticks on the seam for extra protection. Let it dry for 24 hrs.
  • Once it cured I applied the stain with a lint free rag. You want to go in the direction of a wood grain.
  • I let this dry for several hours. It didn’t take long and I only had to apply the one coat
  • Next I painted the heart. It was white so I could have left it that way but I wanted it light purple. I let it dry for about half hour.
  • Than I hot glued it to the middle of the bottom of the pallet
  • Using paper ribbon I made letters M. I measured and cut and remeasured before I glued on. You need four longer ones and four shorter ones for the middle. Make sure you are happy with the way it looks before gluing.
  • Next at the top of the pallets I hot glued small clothes pins upside down about 2.5 inch apart.
  • Last thing I did is hot glue the nautical rope so I can hang the frame up. You cut this to the length you want.

Next one game me a bit of trouble but I am including an alternative

Mom Artist Panel

Materials Needed:


  • I stained the edges of the panel. Let it dry for several hours
  1. Paint the inside with white paint
  1. Type out in Pages or and Word type of app/program (mine said “My greatest blessings call me MOM” and than I included first and middle name of my children and their Birthday) and print it.
  2. cut it out so you can fit it better on the panel
  3. rub a pencil on the back of the letters make sure you cover all the letters
  4. Transfer the words – I used back of a thin paintbrush.
  5. if you make a mistake you can erase it.
  6. you can also skip this process and the paint over the letters process if you want to just print it and using Mod Podge glue it on the panel.
  7. Once you transfer the letters paint over the with black acrylic paint. I used old eye makeup brush
  1. That is it

Body Scrub

Materials Needed:

  • Glass Jars ( I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  • White Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fruite infused tea
  • Essential oil ( I used Lavender)
  • Mixing bowel


  • Add one cup of sugar to the bowel (you can half the recipe or double it up depending how much you need of the scrub)
  • followed by eptying two tea bags in,
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • about ten drops of essential oil.
  • Mix it and fill up your jars.

You can decorate the jars if you would like I just added raffia to the lid and a lable

If you would like to see the video on how I make all these DIY you can check it out

Happy Reading


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