2019 Spring and Easter Home Decor

With Spring knocking on my door I have decided to share with you how I added Spring into my home. It feels like it is taking so long for the weather to warm up especially in a last month or so. But let’s be honest here in Ontario we did not have such a bad winter this year. Probably because most of the winter happened in last two months is why it feels like the warmer weather is dragging it’s feet.

This year for my Spring decor I decided to bring a lot of florals with yellow and soft pink colours. I always like to use a lot of greens and light blues in my decor so I tried to incorporate all those colours through out my home. Yellow to me reminds me of happy and sunshine so I find that it is fitting for Spring decor. Soft pinks, blues and greens represent Easter so I like to include them as well.

I will walk you through most of my down stairs and share with you how I decorated it and how I tied it all together. Starting with my entry way. If you would like to see my entryway decor in a video you can do so here https://youtu.be/j25PSSwnqZ4

In my entry way I added spring pillows, well pillow cases that have both the soft blue and yellows on them.

I also included a lot of textures and colour in the crate beside the bench.

I have wood and metal for texture and beautiful bouquet of daffodils for the punch of colour. To tie it all on I added speckled eggs and this boxwood greenery ball. I love this wooden bunny I think it’s a great addition to this wooden crate for pop of Easter decor.

The Bombay chest that is in my front entryway I kept simple and added the soft blue and pink colours to bring the entryway and the rest of the house decor together.

In my formal living room is where it gets wild. Well not really but it is one of my favourite rooms to add the yellow in. With the paint colour of the walls and the bling mirror on the wall I think it just looks so good in this room.

In my dining room I decorated it totally different from previous years. This room is dark most of the time because it doesn’t have a ton of natural light and it is painted fairly deep colour. So I wanted to bright it up with florals

I love the DIY Spring blocks in this room because they add so much texture and a bit of different colour as well. I think lavenders look so good against the dark walls as well as the rest of the florals in this room. I didn’t want to make my dining room table too busy since the sideboard was busy enough so I just kept it very simple with another beautiful floral arrangement that was so supper easy to make.

Moving on to my Kitchen, Dinette and Our Family room. The kitchen was kept very simple with just some yellow tulips in a corner and a kitchen rag that just says Happy Easter on it. We use our kitchen a lot and didn’t want to clutter it with too much stuff that I will have to remove to use my kitchen. I also included a sign .

In my dinette I included a table cloth/runner that I have thrifted that has lemons on it and I love it.

I have a metal tray on it with glass, more metal and plaster with beautiful Peonies that I picked up at Dollarama. For another punch of yellow I included plastic lemons. Lots of different texture here which is what I like.

My family room is pretty simple since it is the most used room outside of kitchen.

If you would like to see a full tour of this decor you can do so here https://youtu.be/oG9Dfj1x6S0

Hope this was inspirational for you and gave you some ideas how to add Spring into your home

Happy Reading


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