DIY Menu Planning Binder

This past week I decided to make my own Menu planning binder. The reason for this was simply because I wanted to keep all my menues together the weekly ones and monthly one. I had purchased menu planners before but they never quite fit what I needed so I ended up just not using it, 20 some dollars out the window.

In my binder I have used printable’s that I already had, but I created some here that are free for you to use:

Monthly Meal Plan                                         Weekly Meal Plan

Once you have them printed you can start to build your binder.  If you don’t wish to read the instructions you can watch the video here

Materials Needed:img_0722

  1. Binder Rings (I used happy planner rings I had on hand like these)Whole Punch (I used Me and My big Idea punch that works with the rings like this)Printed meal plansGlueCard stocksSelf adhesive laminating sheets I had on hand but they came fromScissors File FoldersPaper cutter

Directions:First thing I did was use file folder as my front page and back page.  I measured it out to be a bit bigger that the printed sheets that were 8×10. Once I had them cut out I decorated them with some card stock I had on hand.  Now its time to either laminate them or punch the holes.  I couldn’t laminate mine first because it would be too thick to put through the punch, but if you can this would be my first step because cutting out those wholes with scissors once you laminated them was hard.  So if you are not laminating them first you put your front and back through the punch and than laminate them.  Once they are laminated you take either a craft knife or scissors and cut out holes.Now you need to punch out all your menus.  I used four per month and one monthly so all together I punched out 12 monthly and 48 weekly menus.  I am also going to add on note bad sheet to each week for easy grocery list making.That is it.  The cost was zero because I had everything at home.  If you had to buy the binder rings make sure you sue your coupons if shopping at Michaels.img_0724.jpgHappy ReadingSonja 


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