Now Sew Winter Pillow Cover / Easy Dollar Store DIY

I don’t know where I have been all these years and didn’t give this easy DIY a try before. I can not sew. My mom is a dress maker and I am complete opposite. Maybe because I always had her to give all my sewing to is the reason I can not sew. She tried teaching me but I always forget. It’s actually not the sewing part that I forget, it’s how to run the machine, set it up and keep it from braking on me while I sew.

During one of my visits to the Dollarama I picked up this very thin but plush white blanket and wanted to do something with it for winter decor. After research on Pinterest I came to a conclusion to make pillow covers. I also picked up some nice throw pillows at the dollar store too. It was time to either sew them or glue them. I decided to glue them.

For pattern I used one of my old pillow covers. I traced the pillow cover and left about 1/2 inch around for glueing. Make sure that the blanket is inside out or the side you want to be on the outside turn it facing inside.

Once I had the material cut out I used hot glue to glue the two sides. Since I cut out the material in rectangle where I traced the pillow case twice and folded it in the middle I only had to glue the two sides. I left one side open so I can put the pillow in. When the glue dried I turned the pillowcase inside out and put the pillow in.

To close the open side I added Velcro to the inside of the pillow on the edges. I got this Velcro from the 

That is it super easy. If you have a hard time following my instructions because sometimes I have a hard time following my own instructions I also made a vide and you can watch it here.

The Pillow cost was $5.00 each if I used pillows I bought and a $1.00 each for the pillows I already had. Can’t beat the price.

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