Last Health Bet my team I did got up to over $1600!!! Each winner got 800 each!!

We will begin a HEALTH BET CHALLENGE where you get to bet on making your health a priority!

It’s time to say goodbye to your excuses and take control of your health! Prove to yourself that even though January is about ready to come to an end, you’re not stopping your progress!!


* $10USD buy-in

* It runs for 4 weeks.

* You pick a workout to stream from our online library and get points for logging 1 a day!

* You also get 1 point a day for being consistent with your health supplements too.

I will connect you with the tools you need to participate first and then collect your buy-in!

Here are the 2 ways you can win the cash pot l, and this time we’ll be picking 4 winners!!….

* The person with the most participation points wins half the pot.

* The other half goes to the best transformation!


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