5 DIY Home Improvement Projects Under $100

When doing home improvements it is so easy to use up your budget. This past year we have done a full main floor makeover including Kitchen and all the floors. We have done most of the stuff ourself. The kitchen installation and tile removal were done by professionals. We have saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves and I am so grateful that my husband is as handy as he is. But even though we did a lot of work the vision that we had for our main floor was pretty extensive. Here are some of the DIY projects that brought the cost down because we did it.

  1. Updated Front Door

Our front door was in so much need of either being replaced or fixed. We priced out a new door and it was going to cost us for the double door over $16000. At this time we just did not have that kind of money for it. I have seen several people do a door makeover so I have decided to doit too. I did also buy new hardware that I got on clearance at Home Depo as well as the paint was on clearance too. The stain was a full price. You can watch a full tutorial here

2. Updated Fire Place Mantel

Next project was so easy and soo cheap to do. I have purchased this fireplace few year back from I think Kijiji for $120. It is massive and it was in bright orange stain. I used few different chalk paints and gave it a brand new look. Loved that look for so many years but with a new and updated main floor it was just not working. With some Black Benjamin Moore Paint and some wood from Home Depo I gave this electric fireplace a built in look and created a new focal point for my family room and my main floor since you can see it from the front door as soon as you enter my house.

3. Faux Beam

This project did go a bit over $100 because the wood that I needed was so long. Next size down wood would come under $100. I have a beam running between my family room and kitchen and I wanted it to be more that just a beam. With some wood and finishing waxes I was able to create a piece of decor that everyone talks about when visiting my home. Just an FYI you will need a few people to install the wood preferably not family members that will yell at you.

4. Laundry room backsplash

My Laundry room needed a major face lift. The paint was looking a bit dull and I wanted it to be pretty and inviting. Hoping it would motivate me to do more laundry. But the biggest impact was installing a stick on backsplash. Obviously the more backsplash area you have the more it will cost. I was lucky enough that a company reached out to me and supplied me with the backsplash but I did price it out and it would come in under $100.

5. Staircase makeover

This last project was probably the most labour intensive but it was probably the most cost saving. I did redo all of my staircases in my house I am only sharing the basement staircase. This one had carpet on it but no spindles. The other staircase was wood and had spindles. After I was done painting spindles I think I was dreaming spindles. I used same technique on both sets of stairs.

Let me know if you will be trying any of these DIY projects and improvements. Also what are you working on in your home at this time? I always love to know.

Thanks for reading


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