Decorating After Christmas

There is really no right or wrong way to decorate after Christmas. Some jump into Valentines right away, some decorate for the rest of the year and while some like to ease into it with still keeping some winter decor up. Well I am one of those keep winter up people. I don’t keep any trees up but I like to keep some of the winter greens up as well as some pinecones maybe even some hints of snowflakes. This way when all the fun Christmas decor is gone I am left with cozy Winter. I do add some other greenery like boxwood to the decor because I do think it gives it somewhat of a wintery feel but one that can stay up all year.

Think fluffy pillows, cozy blankets and lots of natural winter type decor. You can even add some candles and twinkling lights to add even more coziness. I love mixing textures and adding punch of soft colors like these shown here.

In my dining room I kept it simple and most likely all the pine branches and other wintery greens will be replaced with some soft Valentines day colored stems.

I don’t have any houseplants since I have so many people and pets to keep alive it would be adding another layer of work for me, but I do love the look of them. That is why I like incorporating faux greens with the wintery greens. They make me feel alive and I tend to keep them up all year until Christmas.

If you enjoyed this post I encourage you to watch my decorating playlist over on YouTube

Sonja xo

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