Farmhouse DIYs with serious style and low budget

Do you love changing up your home decor often? I sure do. But that can be very costly. So what can we do? I love to craft and paint furniture so that is my go to for Home Decor as well. I have put together my favourite Farmhouse DIYs that I have created and I want to share them with you

This has to be one of my favourite DIYs that I have created using Dollarama’s Cheese board for $4.00. You can find this DIY here

This Candelabra was a thrift store makeover. With a little bit of chalk paint it gave it a whole new life. You can find this makeover here.

These are one of the most used DIYs in my home. The watering can came from Dollarama and with a little bit of paint and rope got a brand new life. The bead tassel garland is one of my faves. The beads came from Michaels with 40% off coupon, came to under $4.00 since I had some left over after the DIY was done. The rope came from Dollar Tree. You can find both of these DIYs here

These beautiful galvanized DIYs were all made from Dollar Tree supplies. These are great to be used in your Spring and Summer Decor but can also be used all year round. The can be found here

I have been so into concrete look DIYs this past year and these are amazing and made from Dollar Store materials. You can find them here

This DIY not only is cute but it’s one of the most used DIYs in my home. This one came at no cost since I got the piece of wood for free. You can find it here

This DIY is definitely a center piece in my Master Bathroom. And coming in under $3.00 you can not beat that. You can find the DIY here.

I hope you have enjoyed these DIYs. And if you are looking for more inspiration you can check out my full Farmhouse DIY playlist here

Happy Crafting


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