Spring Cleaning Checklist

I can’t believe it is almost March.  The time is flying by.  I have spend last ten weeks decluttering clutter from my whole house and now it’s time to move on to some Spring Cleaning.  I like to start first week of March even though there is over 30cm of snow on the ground right know since we got the biggest storm of winter last night.  Perfect time for me to write this post. 

It usually takes me a while to get through the whole house because I clean couple spaces a week since I don’t have a whole weekend to dedicate to Spring cleaning my whole house.  

I also like to clean my windows inside and out during spring cleaning but for now I will only be cleaning them on the inside since my cleaning supplies might freeze if I spray them on the outside, so I will do the outside windows probably closer to the end of April.

And I would not be Spring Cleaning without a check list.  I will also have a free printable checklist for you that you can print out for your own use.

Spring Cleaning Checklist (Indoors)

  • Vacuum, dust and wash under all the furniture and appliances
  • Wash door mats, carpets, rugs
  • Spot clean furniture and fabric chairs
  • Wash all the curtains
  • Clean out all the cupboards by taking everything out and wiping them down on the inside and outside in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean on the top of kitchen cupboards and also wash the greenery that sits on top (this is specific to me)
  • Defrost freezers and clean them out.
  • Wipe down both pantry’s
  • Deep clean the oven
  • Wipe inside walls and floors in all the closets (bedrooms, linen and coat closets) 
  • Wipe down all the baseboards
  • Clean all the light fixtures
  • Wash all doors, trims and walls
  • Deep clean washer and dryer
  • Vacuum, rotate and flip mattresses
  • Wash vents
  • Wash all the bedroom pillows
  • If you can wash all other decorative pillows or spot clean them
  • Wash all the duvets
  • Clean all banisters, railings and stairs (wash the carpet on the stairs to the basement)
  • Wash all the windows inside and outside

Spring Cleaning Checklist (outside)

  • pressure wash the front porch, back deck and patio
  • Pressure wash all the furniture and planters
  • Clean out BBQ (husbands job)
  • Add new mulch
  • Get rid of dead Plants
  • De weed
  • Clean out gutters (husbands job)
  • Organize outdoor toys for day care (I run a home daycare)
  • Clean out fire pit
  • Fertilize grass 
  • Plant flowers
  • Clean out and organize garage (pressure wash garbage cans)
  • Clean patio/sliding door tracks
  • Replace welcome mat or if you can clean it up
  • Inspect Lawnmower, trimmer (husbands job)
  • Clean out dryer exhaust 
  • Wash outdoor lighting. 

If you would like to see my first Spring Cleaning video of 2020 you can watch it here

Happy Cleaning


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