Valentine’s Day DIY Home Tour 2020

I am so excited to be sharing this blog post with you. I have finished decorating my home for Valentines Day with all the DIY’s that I have made. This year my goal was rustic farmhouse with very toned down pinks. I thinks I have achieved this look and love it.

Lets start with my entry way and my Bombay chest in the front hallway.

I have included my heart with a key DIY that I made, as well as my Love pillow. I love both of these DIY’s and you can check out all of them in my Valentine’s Day DIY and Decor playlist on my channel

Moving on to my Formal Living room. I feel that I have decorated the most here. And I love how subtle the decor is. I focused all the decor to my Mantle

I also love to decorate with pillows so I have included my larger LOVE pillow here as well.

For my Family room and eating kitchen I kept it very simple again and try to make the decor blend with the other decor as much as possible. I love including the soft pink roses that you can see here on my coffee table. It was a bouquet that my daughter had at my sisters wedding. In the kitchen I added just a few decorations for that bold pop of color! All the decor is very simple but timeless and makes me happy when I am around it.

You can also watch my home tour on my channel

I hope you enjoyed my Rustic Farmhouse Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Home Tour. Do you change things up for each holiday and season? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Valentin’s Day


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