February Meal Plan

Here is my February Meal Plan. I am couple days late this month but better be late than never. This month I am just doing a few new meals so there might not be too many links but still almost a full month of meals.

February 1 – Leftovers

February 2 – Super Bowl snacks and food

February 3 – ham and cauliflower bake – watch the recipe for the cauliflower bake here

February 4 – Thai Turkey Wraps – https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/thai-chicken-lettuce-wraps/1236268

February 5 – Rotisserie Chicken

February 6 – Chicken and pasta https://whatsinthepan.com/chicken-penne-with-bacon-and-spinach-in-creamy-tomato-sauce/#wprm-recipe-container-1250

February 8 – Fried Chicken – https://www.buzzfeed.com/christinebyrne/perfect-fried-chicken

February 9 – Homemade Calzones

February 10 – Ricotta Stuffed Chicken https://www.handcar.me/2019/02/chicken-stuffed-with-spinach-and-ricotta-cheese.html

February 11 – Fajitas

February 12 – Lemon Grass Chicken Ties – https://andhereweare.net/thai-grilled-chicken-with-lemongrass-basil-and-lime/ I make these in the oven.

February 13 – Fish and Chips

February 14 – Sausage on a bun (with salad for me and my husband no bun)

February 15 – Dinner out

February 16 – Chicken and Rice Soup https://ifoodreal.com/healthy-chicken-wild-rice-soup/

February 17 – Salmon

February 18 – Garlic Butter Chicken Bites https://www.eatwell101.com/garlic-butter-chicken-bites-asparagus-recipe?epik=dj0yJnU9LTdiQUpVdDdiaFBEZ2tZSHEwYWliVGhDOUhtTVJmejMmbj1GTUdXVzFxVkZXdkF5eXhmT2duNEdRJm09MyZ0PUFBQUFBRno1T2Rj

February 19 – Pesto Chicken https://lilluna.com/baked-pesto-chicken/

February 20 – Spaghetti

February 21 – Creamy Coconut Lime Chicken https://letsdishrecipes.com/creamy-coconut-lime-chicken

February 22 – Schintzel

February 23 – Pork Carnitas

February 24 – Chicken stirfry

February 25 – Tacos

February 26 – Pork Tenderloin in Wine Sauce

February 27 – Cheese Meatball Cassarol

February 28 – Pad See ew Beef https://www.jocooks.com/recipes/pad-see-ew/

February 29 – Butter Chicken

Some of the recipes are available in my last months meal plans so make sure you check them out too. And if you would like to see some of these meals in action make sure you check out January What’s For Dinner Video

Happy Meal Planning


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