My Vision Board

Today I would like to talk about my Vision Board. It is the first time that I have actually put all my goals and dreams on a foam board for this year. It is set up in my office where I can be reminded of them every day.

What is a Vision board you ask? It is a visualization tool that represents your goals and dreams. Looking at them everyday will activate positive though and creativity and help your dreams and goals come true.

How Do I set up my Vision Board for Goal Setting? Best way to achieve goals is by being reminded of them everyday. I went out and bought a foam board and Dollaram and than I set down and thought about what I want out of 2020, where I would like to be at this time next year. I divided my foam board into four sections Work (my businesses), Personal (my family health and happiness as well as my own happiness), Travel (places I would like to visit) and Fitness (I have been working on my fitness in the past half of 2019 and would like to continue. I would like to see my self participate in at least one race).

I then looked for pictures and things that I can add to my vision board that represent my goals and dreams.

I also used affirmations and inspirational words on my board.

How do I use my Vision Board everyday ? I spend each day looking at my board and visualizing and believing in my self and my goals. I read my affirmations and inspirational words. I picture these goals as if they happened already.

As some of these goals become reality it is important that we acknowledge them and show gratitude.

It is a good idea to create a new vision board each year.

Here is my vision board for 2020. I do have some space to maybe add some goals and dreams as others become reality

Did you set up a Vision Board this year? If not are you going to?

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One Comment on “My Vision Board

  1. I’ve always wanted to set up a vision board bit I never have. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try about it this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


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