Winter Decorating – Tips on Decorating after Christmas

Now that the hustle and bustle is over from the holidays, I like to make my home feel cozy and warm for the long winter ahead. This is my second year writing a blog post on Winter Decorating. This time can be very tricky for some but at the same time I see it as a blank canvas and an opportunity to try different styles and ways of decorating my home. In the Winter I like to feel cozy and warm and I want my house to reflect that. I like to use lots of fluffy pillows and blankets in my decor. I like to get rid of any bright Christmas colours like red at this time of the year.

I also like to use lots of natural colours, less clutter and I like to incorporate Wood into my decor. Really want the mood to be laid back, relaxed, easy going and welcoming at the same time.

In my family room I brought back the buffalo plaid because why not. I especially wanted this room to feel very cozy since my family spends a lot of time in it. It is where we gather for family time whether its movie watching, sitting around and talking over apps or whatever it is that we do. We even got a new recliner for this space this yeas so we have more sitting space.

Unlike my Living Room where I used a lot of green and black in my Family room I have some soft blue colour and rustic woodsy feel.

I tie all this together in my kitchen and dinette. I kept my kitchen very simple to just one two tiered tray with decor. The rest of the stuff in my kitchen belongs there for functionality and gets used.

I really am so happy with how this all turned out. My house feels so free and cozy. Hope you like it too. Thank you so much for stopping by and make sure you watch the video version of this blog post here.

Happy Reading

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