Meal Planning Tips for Home Daycare Providers

I have been running home daycare for over 25 years now and planning meals is not an easy task but a very necessary one for a smooth week and month. I use to have a six week rotation menu that I created and used for years. This works really well especially if you have a lot of kids to feed. At the time I had both of my children home plus the daycare kids so lots of mouths to feed. I would change up the menu for the summer and create a different one for the whole summer. Because I make most of my meals from scratch this meal planning is great for meal prep. I would make freezer meals especially for daycare and make all my burgers for daycare (they were smaller less oz than ones I made for my husband and I ). Summers tend to be busy with outings and lots of water play so I didn’t want to spend an hour prepping the meals just before lunch. I needed things that were quick, clean and nutritious.

At this time I only have four children and two are infants so the meals I prep for them aren’t big. What I mean I don’t need a lot of food. I currently do all my daycare meal planning based on my families monthly meal plan. I make a bit more for us and use it for daycare. I don’t do this for all the meals but most of them. I have a detailed video on how I meal plan for the week and you can watch it here.

Here is a sample of the weeks meal plan

Domestic Diva – Weekly Daycare Meal Plan

If you want to get a free printable you can get it here

Here is what my six week meal plan rotation looked like

I hope you found this helpful. I will be sharing favourite daycare meals at a later date with recipes so stay tuned.

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