My Holiday Planner Setup

Recently I have updated my Holiday Planner and wanted to share it with you. If you are not familiar with Holiday Planner mine is fairly simple and it includes recipes, grocery lists, to do lists, wish list and any other type of holiday list that you might need that will help you with entertaining, shopping, cleaning and cooking for the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Mine also includes party planning section that I dedicate to big parties like the one I have happening this weekend. We are celebrating my daughters 16th Birthday and we are having over forty people so I need to have plan in action and I use this planner to keep everything together.

For my Holiday Planner I use a 1 1/2 inch binder from Staples like this I made a festive cover for it that slid right in the front where there is a clear section. Just to make it prettier.

Than I used page dividers like these to separate the sections into different holidays and the party planner

In my Thanksgiving section you will find

Hostess list


shopping list

Guest List

Feel free to print these and use them as you wish. If you are posting on social media I would appreciate a credit.

Christmas Section has these (coming soon)

You can also watch a video on my updated holiday planner here

Happy Holiday Planning


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