12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge Week 7

We have officially been cleaning for six weeks straight. You have to be seeing and feeling the progress. I love how clean my windows and baseboards are and how organized my kitchen is. I also love that when I walk in to my house it smells fresh from all the freshly washed curtains. This week I am going to be working on my master bedroom, master bathroom and laundry room. My master bedroom is not too bad but the other two rooms need more tic. Here is the list of stuff I will be working on

Monday – Detailed Cleaning Master Bedroom

  1. Straighten drawers/closet
  2. Clean Cobwebs
  3. Wash Curtains
  4. Wipe down Windows
  5. Straighten shelves
  6. Clean out the Closet
  7. Put away stray items
  8. Sort out clothes
  9. Vacuum closet
  10. Dust baseboards
  11. Wash walls
  12. Wipe down the shelves in the walking closet
  13. Straighten the walk in closet
  14. Straighten up Makeup

Tuesday – Detailed Cleaning Master Bathroom

  1. Straighten Drawers/ Cabinets
  2. Clean grout on the floor and shower
  3. Wash the walls
  4. Dust the Blinds
  5. Wash the Windows and Doors
  6. Dust Light fixtures
  7. Soak Shower Head in Vinegar

WednesdayDetailed Cleaning Laundry Room

  1. Clean the gunk from under the washer lid and the lid
  2. Wipe down the cupboards and doors
  3. Throw out empty bottles and boxes
  4. Check Supplies of Laundry detergent, softener, spot remover etc.
  5. Remove Cobwebs 
  6. Try and clean out the went
  7. Wipe down the sink

If you want to clean along with me this week here is a free printable list

Here is the video of this weeks cleaning

Happy Cleaning


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