12 Week Fall Cleaning Challenge – Week 6

Can’t believe we are half way through our cleaning challenge. My main floor is complete and typically I would move on to upstairs for next few weeks but I am hosting a pretty big party and need to get my basement cleaned and organized. I am hoping to get it all done in one week but not sure I will. Here is my list for this coming week

Day 1 – Monday

  • organize the cold room
  • organize the seasonal decor shelf and small appliances shelf
  • organize the entertainment closet
  • get started in Daycare craft and toy storage room

Day 2 – Tuesday

  • Finish Daycare craft and toy storage room
  • Organize furnace room

Day 3 – Wednesday

  • Organize home gym
  • Organize office / workshop area
  • Clean all the floors

Hope you can join me this week for some major organization and cleaning.

You can get your printable here

You can watch this weeks video here

Happy Cleaning


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