Not Just The Sandwich Lunches for Teenagers

Not sure if you guys make lunches for your teenagers but I do. Well most of the time it’s my husband that does. My kids lead pretty busy life with working, sports and school and also have daily chores to do and we feel that to make it a bit easier we make their lunches for them. But to be honest it is a bit of a control on my part too. I like to know that they are off to school with a healthy balanced lunch and not eating the things from cafeteria or constantly going out for lunch. I know that they still have these lunches once in a while but it is once in a while not every day.

We all know that coming up with lunch ideas that are not only sandwiches is challenging. So I have created a bit of a rotating menu for us and we pull from that list for lunches. I will include some recipes that I use for these lunches and some of them do require some work but can be used for two days.

  1. Homemade Mac’n’ Cheese is a crock pot. This makes enough for two or three lunches. Here is the recipe that I use my kids love this as do my daycare kids
  2. Homemade Pizza Pockets. I usually make my own dough and this is the recipe I Use Pizza dough for bread maker. I put water in not beer. And than I make a pizza on one side of the dough after I rolled it out. I separate my dough into 4 or 6 pieces. Once my sauce, toppings and cheese is on one side I fold the other side and pinch the ends. I freeze them in a ziplock bag. In the morning I turn the oven on and put them in and they are done under 20 min. from frozen. Another kids favourite.
  3. I also like to make pizza with the same dough or sometimes I will buy dough from a local bakery if I am making them as a freezer meal. I like having these made up in the freezer because they are easy for kids to make for themselves for dinner as well. And popping it in the oven in the morning is just as easy too and much healthier that any store bought frozen pizza.
  4. Wraps. To me this is just a different take on sandwiches but they work and kids love them. I usually make mine with turkey or ham deli meat, cheese, cream cheese and sliced pickles. Roll them up tightly and wrap with cling wrap. You can make these night before so your mornings are a breeze.
  5. Leftovers especially pasta are great for lunches.
  6. Salads. My kids love greek and Caesar salads. I usually cook up couple of chicken breasts on Sundays for the week as well as hardboiled eggs. These are great proteins to add to these salads. You can put dressing on a side or in it. I do both because one of my kids doesn’t want to deal with mixing the salad at school and the other one finds the salad is too wet if the dressing is added and wants to add it at school.
  7. Not just a sandwich sandwich. I like to make these bit more exciting. I will use a great bun like for example pretzel bun, maybe add a different cheese in it and veggies (usually go for tomato, lettuce, pickles). More like homemade sub.
  8. Soups are great too. I make soup as part of my Sunday prep and than they can take it to school the next day.
  9. Meat and cheese. My kids like to take a charcuterie board type a thing without a board. We cure most of our meat for this but you can find deli meat and dried meat that doesn’t have as many preservative at the grocery store these days as well. You can get very creative with these and use different types of cheese, pickled things like pickles, pickled beans and asparagus and olive, you can add grapes and berries and also crackers or bread sticks. It really depends what your child likes.
  10. Burritos or quesadillas. I prepare my chicken in the slow cooker with salsa and pull it a part in the morning. I assemble the burritos and quasiddials with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, lettuce and cheese and than put it in the panini press. Once its done I wrap them with paper towel and aluminum foil. Foil to keep it warm and paper towel to absorb moisture. You can put in these what ever you like or your child likes. You can also make taco meat and use that and make taquitos in the press. The possibilities are endless. Here are few recipes you can try. For taquitos For Chicken for burritos and quesadillas

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