Old Buffet/Sideboard Upcycling with Chalk Paint

While on my one of many Thrifting trips I picked up this beautiful buffet or sideboard. It was a steel at only $75.00. I brought it home and it sat in my basement for several moths while I took time deciding what I wanted to do with it. I have done two other upcycles of a similar style sideboards where I used many different techniques and different colours and waxes. For this one I was leaning more into just a simple white. I had Old White on hand so I decided to go with that. I am really into the farmhouse look these days and thought painting it all white would fit that decor.

Here is what the piece looked like before I painted it.

For my Chalk Paint my go to paint always tends to be Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I get it at our local suppliers here. They have a great selection of AS Chalk Paint and are very knowledgeable.

First step was to remove all the handles and pulls from the drawers and doors. Than I gave a piece a good cleaning with damp cloth and vacuumed the inside of cabinets and drawers. Than I painted the whole thing with Old White. It needed two coats. In order to achieve a smooth look with no brush strokes I applied my first coat lightly. You want your paint brush to be well dipped so you can apply it gently without too much pressure. The paint will go a long way. The second coat I applied in many directions so I didn’t get the same direction brush stroke.

Once it was dry I distressed it by sanding with my sand block areas that I wanted to stand out. These areas are typically the ones that would have natural wear and tear in my opinion.

You can wax first and than sand, I sanded first and than waxed. For waxing the furniture I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax and my Wax Brush. I applied the wax by making sure the whole surface is covered. This does not mean you have to apply heavy amounts of wax it just means you don’t want to leave any area unwaxed. Trust me my first waxing project didn’t turn out so well because I thought more is better and ended up with very sticky chairs that took a long time to cure. Than I took a lint free rag and wiped off excess wax. I did not buff the furniture just gave it a good wipe. If you want your furniture to shine come back 24hrs later and give it another good wiping. You do not need to buff it like you would your car. Just a good wiping.

Once it was done drying or curing I reinstalled the original nobs and pull to the doors and drawers.

And that is it. If you would like to watch the video on how I did this you can do so here https://youtu.be/TxJBOfmKezU

Happy Reading

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