Rustic Farmhouse Valentines Room Decor

This year I have decided to decorate one room for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day it’s something we have done since we got married. This year I needed a bit of colour for the moth of February so I picked one room to decorate. If you would like to watch my video tour of this room you can see it here.

I chose my formal living room and I have been really enjoying the soft pinks so I wanted to make sure I incorporate it. All of my decor is budget friendly and it either came from dollar store or my own DIY.

On my couch I used soft pink pillows as well as my soft white pillows. I think it added softness to the brown couch.

For the side table beside my couch which is an old stool that I am using. It has a lamp on it, with soft pink bouquet that my daughter had at my sisters wedding.

The fireplace which is a focal point of the room I decorated with different textures like wood, tin, glass and florals. I also added a pom pom garland which was a lot of fun to make. If you would like to see how I made some of these decorations you can watch my video here

As for the coffee table I wanted to keep it simple not to take away from the fireplace. I just have a watering can with some soft pink flowers and a crystal heart.

I love the simplicity of the coffee table. And I especially love these pink flowers that I got from a dollar store.

Last thing that I did for Valentines is, I got challenged to create a $5.00 and under Valentines Day decor piece from the Dollar Tree over on YouTube. If you would like to watch that video you can do so here

I made a wreath that I put it on a door leading to my Daycare Room. This was so simple to make and it took no time and I think it turned out great.

These are just a few things that I did to decorate for Valentines Day. You don’t need much or spend lot of money to make a room feel warm and rustic. I call my decor Rustic Farmhouse Valentines Day Decor.

Happy decorating


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